Apothecary Cabinets

Apothecary Cabinets - CA

When you have a case of interior design blues, the apothecary cabinets can offer an instant cure. These cabinets appeared in the eighteenth century. In those times, the physicians and herbalists stocked them with oils, herbs and simple home remedies. Many contain several rows of drawers which are uniform in size and color. Central drawers stored common and safe items. Since pharmaceutical companies did not yet provide childproof containers, parents stored the poisons and harmful substances in secret boxes, placed discreetly on the backs of the cabinets.

We at Dan's Cabinetry offer a broad range of Apothecary cabinets such as antique apothecary cabinet, vintage apothecary cabinet, metal apothecary cabinet, small apothecary cabinet, and much more. The apothecary cabinets made by our skilled workers come in several styles, including standing vertical cases as well as long square boxes. For a beautiful home addition, you can consider our antique apothecary cabinets. Dan's Cabinetry’ skilled artists make these cabinets from rich woods, like oak and mahogany and many other materials as per your requirements.

Vintage apothecary cabinets make nice bathroom additions. The vintage apothecary cabinets originally used to stock spices, tea, traditional remedies, and herbs. We believe you deserve a real place that you can call home. Our grand range of quality apothecary cabinets will surely boost the looks of your home.