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Custom Cabinets - CA

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are practical, diverse, and competitively priced. They are never mass produced, making them much more expensive to create than pre-manufactured cabinets. Customized cabinets can accommodate customization, facilitate consistent workmanship, and require more installation time.

Pharmacist Cabinets - CA

Pharmacist Cabinets

Dan's Cabinetry has been the pharmacy cabinet expert since 1999 and has extensive experience in all aspects of the pharmacy cabinet making process.

Let our skilled team of experts create an attractive, efficient pharmacy store for you! Our knowledgeable team of layout and organizational experts are professionals at creating the perfect cabinet design that will encourage comfort

Apothecary Cabinets - CA

Apothecary Cabinets

When you have a case of interior design blues, the apothecary cabinets can offer an instant cure. These cabinets appeared in the eighteenth century. In those times, the physicians and herbalists stocked them with oils, herbs and simple home remedies.

Commercial Cabinets - CA

Commercial Cabinets

At Dan's Cabinetry, we design and manufacture some of the nation's most durable and well-engineered commercial cabinet furniture. Since our inception, we have catered to hundreds of commercial places in CA with top quality commercial cabinets that have eased the work in great amount.

Residential Cabinets - CA

Residential Cabinets

Functionality is an essential feature to any custom cabinetry project, especially for Home Organization. We can provide many custom products tailored to your needs, and help achieve a beautiful, yet functional cabinet at your residential place.

Pre Manufactured Cabinets - CA

Pre Manufactured Cabinets

Pre-manufactured Cabinet supply is important storage in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and other rooms of your home. Hundreds, if not thousands, of various styles, are made from a broad range of materials such as fine hardwoods, laminates, veneers, painted particleboard, and more.